Holmes Family

Pastor Allen Holmes

Senior Pastor

Favorite Verse

John 3:30 - He must increase, but I must decrease.

My Favorites

  • Family- Outside of my salvation and relationship with Jesus Christ, my family is the greatest blessing of my life.  My wife Amy and I have 3 wonderful kids, and we enjoy all sorts of things together.  We love everything from bike rides, to bon-fires, to the occasional board game.  One thing is for sure, there is rarely a dull moment; and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  • Sports- I enjoy most sports and most activities.  Basketball is my favorite sport, but I also like working out at the gym and really the concept of physical fitness in general.
  • Food- This is why it was only the concept of physical fitness above.  I am not always a fan of new food but I absolutely have my favorites.  I am always ready for good food especially when I get to share it with great friends.

My Story

God allowed me to be born into a Christian home to parents who loved the Lord and His Word.  I can never remember a time in which my mom and dad didn’t seek to lead our family to follow Jesus.  Because of this, I was exposed to the Gospel early and often.  I remember around the age of five coming to the understanding that I needed to be and wanted to be saved.  That night, as my mom took me to the Word of God, I placed my faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for my salvation.

Looking back, I can see how the Lord used so many people to pour into and invest in my life.  Sunday School teachers, church members, and many others all helped me to develop a love for and an understanding of God and His Word. It is so beautiful to see how God was always there, how God was always working (often in ways that I could not comprehend), and how He never let me go.

Over my teenage years, the Lord had clearly drawn my heart toward the ministry.  There came a distinct moment for me as an older teenager when I realized that while I could do a lot of things with my life, but only surrendering to God’s creative purpose for me would give me a life worth living.  So, I surrendered to His call to the Gospel ministry.  I enrolled in Bible college where the Lord prepared me in many ways.  I learned much and was able to gain many valuable experiences.  But the greatest part about my college time is that it was there that God brought Amy and me together (that by itself is quite the story, but one for another time).

After finishing a Master’s Degree, God opened the door for my family and I to join the Harvest Baptist Temple and serve under Pastor Lewis as his assistant pastor and the church’s youth pastor.  Over the next six years, the Lord greatly molded and matured me.  During this time, Pastor Lewis announced his retirement and the church voted to accept us as the next pastor of the Harvest Baptist Temple.

This journey has definitely not been one that I could have ever planned, but it has been so amazing to see God’s hand through it all.  God is so good, and I am so excited about all that lies ahead of us.  My prayer is that by His grace my life would count for eternity and for His glory.

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